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Club Events

Here at Marlow Rugby Club we are all about the sport, rugby runs through our veins.

In this age of technology it's easy to read the research about the benefits that being active and regularly participating in sports can offer (and we talk about this a lot!).


For us, these undeniably huge benefits run much deeper than simply the physical, mental and emotional intelligence building impact of the sport.  The social aspect of life, how we interact with everything outside of ourselves, is a crucial element of creating and maintaining optimum health and wellbeing.


Here at Marlow Rugby Club, we see the social aspect of this fabulous sport on individual level - the camaraderie and team building,

a sense of belonging...our rugby family...and not forgetting plenty of Vitamin 'F' (fun!)

...a community level - a sporting, whole health and wellbeing hub not only for our rugby playing and social members, but serving the wider community too.


To this end, we are proud and honoured to offer our timetable of regular sporting, social, health and wellbeing focussed fundraising events.

We look forward to seeing you soon.



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